What Makes the Best Steakhouse the Best?

by | Nov 25, 2014 | Restaurants

Some of the finest steakhouses are known to be located in New York. However, what makes a steakhouse the absolute best? There are many factors that contribute to a steakhouses success. Some of those factors depend on personal preferences such as exactly how you like your steak cooked, and whether the atmosphere lends itself to the ambiance of enjoying a steak dinner. Good food and atmosphere are just the beginning.

It Is Important to Delight Customers
A lot of restaurants do not understand that they are in business that is more than just slapping food on a grill and shoving it out of the kitchen in a rapid manner. In today’s world of social media where it is a common occurrence to post everything and anything, from the last time you sneezed, to the fine dining you experienced, it is more important than ever to keep patrons happy. This is a concept that tends to slip past most restaurants. Only the best restaurants realize that their patrons are the most important part of their service. It pays to ‘delight’ customers to create repeat customers and to attract new customers.

How Can a Steakhouse Delight a Patron?
It is simple actually. Many restaurants can delight patrons simply by listening to them. The staff needs to be aware and in the moment with their focus being on serving their customers to the best of their ability and beyond. People never forget service and how good or bad it was. Staff can start by listening. This almost goes without saying, but listening is key in making sure people are happy.

React and Exceed Expectations
Once a restaurant knows what their patrons desire, then it is time to respond. Actions need to be taken to make sure that the steaks are cooked the way people want them, and that the menu changes to encompass new dishes. It is also key to make sure patrons are treated the way they want to be treated too. When action has been taken, then it is time to exceed expectations. Customer delight is about exceeding expectations and delivering food and service that will be remembered well after the meal is over.

Create Something that Is Worth Talking About
The best steakhouses create new dishes, prepare their steaks how customers prefer, and create a moment that is worth talking about. The more people are satisfied, the more likely they are to snap a picture of their wonderful meal and post it on social media. Within minutes a restaurant has received positive accolades that are potentially viewable by hundreds if not thousands of people. If it is worth talking about, then word will be spread and the best steakhouses will be noticed for their fine dining.