Pros and cons of buying a condo

by | Mar 20, 2014 | Hotels

When buying Key Biscayne condos the pros and cons of condo ownership must be given serious consideration. In many cases a condo is an ideal home but the condo lifestyle is not for everyone.

Purchasing a condo may be the logical next step for empty nesters and retirees who are looking for a simpler lifestyle and they wish to downsize now that the family is gone. There are many condo developments that cater to the “over 55” group, they are usually found near golf courses and beaches and other areas which are attractive to people with time on their hands.

Let’s look at the reasons why you may be headed towards owning a condominium.

First off condos are normally located in the prime living areas of the city, they are located where owning a single family home is often out the reach of most people. You will find condos built along beautify beaches and in the center of some of the best cities to live in throughout the country. Golf addicts can find condos that are situated right on the course.

When you buy a condo you have freed yourself from ever having to worry about the grass growing ever again. Many retirees find that maintaining the large yards of their family home far too taxing. Condos have a full time maintenance staff that looks after all the common areas and they are also available on call to look after all the little things that go wrong in any home; leaking faucets as an example. All of these services are covered with the management fee which is normally assessed annually and paid monthly.

Amenities are also a big draw towards condo living. Most condo developments, especially those that focus on retirees and other elderly residents offer swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms, community rooms and they stage regular events for the residents.

Buying Key Biscayne condos is different than buying a house, with a condo you own what is inside the walls. The building and the land it sits on and all the amenities are community property and must be shared with other residents of the building. Because of this there may be some restrictions on what you can and cannot do but if you don’t see yourself doing household chores in your old age, condo living is the answer.

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