Is Buying a Fifth Avenue Real Estate Worth It?

Fifth Avenue is heaven for avid shoppers. According to Forbes, it is the most expensive street in the world as prestigious and designer shops line the street. Retail spaces for these shops are extremely expensive too. What about Fifth Avenue real estate, can the same...

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On how a good paint job can benefit condos

Are you planning to sell your condo? Maybe you're wondering about the paint job and whether prospective buyers would be turned off by the colour scheme. You need not worry because the trend in interior designing meanders towards plain simplicity. Stick to white and...

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A few tips before buying condos

Living is a condominium, like most things in life, have their ups and downs. With a condominium, you only own the living space between the walls. You do not own the building or any of the land on which the property stands. Looking at the brighter side of things, you...

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