Feast on Luscious Lobster at a Top New York Restaurant

by | Nov 25, 2014 | Restaurants

Lobster is a type of seafood that can be served in many different ways. It tends to be a favorite among seafood eaters, and is considered an indulgence since it can be quite expensive. When you are looking for a fine seafood restaurant, consider what their specialty is and whether they offer you the best meal for your money. Once you have found such fine dining, it will become your go-to source for many other seafood dishes.

The Unofficial Seafood of New York
Lobster was not invented in New York, but it could easily become the unofficial seafood dish for the city. There is something absolutely luxurious about lobster. It can be served with butter or mayo for a rich and savory entrée that is more than satisfying. The same goes for adding lobster to salads, macaroni and cheese and making the ever-popular lobster rolls. Regardless of how you eat lobster, when you are in New York you need to visit a fine dining restaurant and enjoy a lobster meal.

One of New York’s Top Seafood Dining Establishments
The Sea Fire Grill is fairly new, but has already earned great accolades when it comes to their seafood dishes. They offer a whole Maine lobster that can be broiled, steamed, or stuffed with crab meat. What better way to enjoy both crab and lobster? Make reservations at this fine restaurant so you can try their succulent seafood, and be sure to try their specials. The Sea Fire Grill is owned by the same people that own the popular Benjamin Steakhouse. They simply created a restaurant that specializes in seafood with a menu that caters to surf and turf.

Contemporary American Seafood
Not many restaurants can boast that they serve contemporary American seafood. With a high level of consistency and near faultless execution in the kitchen, the Sea Fire Grill has made it clear that their top priority is serving only the finest seafood. They even include lobster on their raw bar and in most dishes that they serve. Get things started in their sleek and modern bar where you can order a drink before being seated. The dining rooms have an elegant flare with a gorgeous fireplace situated among diners, and wine racks of dark walnut lining the walls. You know when you enter this high-class restaurant that you are going to not only dine on some of the finest seafood, you have slipped into an atmosphere that is refined and offers impeccable service.