Tips for Successful Duck Hunting in Texas

A great duck hunter understands the duck because that is the only way he can manipulate the duck and capture it. Contrary to the myth that ducks are color blind, these birds have an excellent color vision. At a glance, they can survey a broad visual area. This is because they have a wide set of eyes on each side of their head for detecting predators.

Hunting a duck is not easy since its morphology is adaptable to supreme vision as well as its natural learning ability to resist hunters or predators. Therefore, to be effective in Texas duck hunting, you should understand the duck and its features.

Choosing an ideal hunting location is equally essential. A perfect location will not only ensure a good flock size, but also a fruitful hunt. The ideal locations are those known to provide water, food, and seclusion to ducks. Such a place should be relaxing, safe and calm. Locating such a place would be a real gem to duck hunters.

Ducks enjoy swimming and possible water bodies to find them are ponds, drainage ditches, reservoirs, creeks, marshes, or flooded plains. It is wise to search for unique and new locations where ducks frequent. Such a location might be different from the previous one and may require more research. You can use aerial images to identify water bodies. You can also use a GPS system for locating water bodies.

It is also important to know the flight pattern timing, feeding and flock size of the ducks. A flight pattern is the exact location of ducks’ migration and other places where some ducks may choose to stay for a few days. In addition, weather plays an essential role in a successful hunt. Intelligent hunters will try to watch how ducks fly a few days prior to hunting. By observing the flight, you can detect the direction of motion, which can point to the possibility of water towards a certain direction.

Various flocks follow different time intervals. Therefore, when observing, you should also consider the time of arrival. This will allow you to plan well for duck hunting in Texas. Making a great duck call will lure birds, as well. This call mimics the sounds produced by ducks in the wild. You can use different devices and techniques to produce duck calls.

For example, you can make duck calls with friends and thus create an illusion of the presence of many ducks in the place. However, don’t make too many duck calls because this will not only drive away the birds, but will also make the place chaotic.

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