Tips for a Breakfast and Refreshments Corporate Caterer Pasadena

If you are hosting a corporate event, you need to choose the type of refreshments or meals that you will serve to your group members. Every corporate caterer Pasadena has a usual menu of refreshments and light meals that they can serve for such events. However, as an individual without any catering experience, it is difficult to decide how much food you actually need for the event. The corporate caterer will definitely come up with quotes depending on the number of people you expect at the corporate events. However, you should also know how much you need to avoid any shortages or excesses.

First of all, the timing and duration of the event will determine the amount of refreshments that you can serve. When it comes to appetizers, always consider that each and every individual will have about ten to fifteen pieces. This is especially if there are no other meals being served. Corporate events such as late afternoon meetings or evening functions usually feature such appetizers by a corporate caterer Pasadena. Laying down these appetizers in a buffet style will mean people will eat more since there is no restriction. A buffet style layout is also more favourable since it creates a more relaxed atmosphere.
If you are planning to have the corporate caterer prepare a meal after the appetizers and refreshments, then you can serve less of the appetizers, about three pieces for each person.

When it comes to serving beverages, the length of the occasion will greatly determine how many drinks each person can handle. You should also put into consideration the individuals who are making speeches or giving talks. You can consider about three beverages for each individual considering interval in between such as an hour. You can have the corporate caterer prepare special drinks for those who have to make long speeches and talks.

Breakfast meal planning can be a bit tricky. This is because it is the first meal of the day and it also has to be very fulfilling to kick off the events of the day. When it comes to breakfast catering, you need to work closely with the corporate caterer Pasadena to ensure that you provide an adequate variety for all your guests. Ensure that all the common beverages such as coffee, tea, and juice are available. Consider about three to five pieces of everything for each person. This is especially because breakfast portions are usually smaller than other meals.

Ensuring that there is enough food for everyone is essential when it comes to planning corporate events. You can also ask the corporate caterer to keep extras in case of any shortages. These can either be kept in pre-cooked forms for fast preparation in case of need.

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