Villas: A Royal Enchantment

Villas: A Royal EnchantmentVillas are a place that truly describes the word “grandness”. These are the places that a common man mostly dreams to possess but never really manages to achieve. As a more convenient substitute, such places are available for rent but that amount itself may cost a fortune. Villas can be described in general as country residences comprising of gardens, courtyard and residential buildings surrounding the main building. Their magnitude and opulence make them perceivable as dreamlike.

The origin of villas dates centuries back. They were farming compounds which in later years were often converted into churches. These villas are spread over acres of land and consist of huge rooms and dormitories. The culture of such places evolved largely under Roman Empire and by default in the modern Europe. Large villas were constructed in countries like Germany, UK and Switzerland. They were often so constructed as to display the wealth of the owner or the monarchs.

Two kinds of villas were mostly constructed. One having openings to most of rooms to a common portico connected at right angles often enclosing courtyards and other containing ailed central hall like that in a basilica displaying owners magisterial rule. Similar such villas were also constructed in Commonwealth countries which were under the British rule.

Nowadays villas are quite often used as rental apartments. In the United Kingdom the term is used of high quality detached homes in warm destinations. Because of their sizes, they are almost fit to occupy a small village. This gives the villas the commercial viability and a feeling of luxury which is a reason for their popularity. Modern villas are now constructed with their distinct style like Villa Noailles in France, Villa Mairea in Finland, etc. They are comfortable and well served as commercial hotels. It is the provision of such facilities with a catalyst of its historical and cultural importance that make villas such a beauty.

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