On how a good paint job can benefit condos

condosAre you planning to sell your condo? Maybe you’re wondering about the paint job and whether prospective buyers would be turned off by the colour scheme. You need not worry because the trend in interior designing meanders towards plain simplicity.

Stick to white and cream

Rooms can be painted an elegant cream or white with gray or beige detailing. This will let your buyers know that you’ve decorated the place recently. A white colour scheme gives a feeling of spaciousness to a cramped area. Paint adjoining rooms and open areas, the same colour to build on the appearance of ‘space’.
You can change the colour if the room is completely separate from the rest; like a bathroom or a study. Even so, never deviate from lighter natural colours. Gaudy and bright colours are passe.
In order not to break the colour scheme, the frames of wall paintings and drapes should be the same colour as the walls.
A paint job is relatively inexpensive but can go a long way towards making a difference to the feel of condos.

Pay attention to the floor
What about your floor? Is it too gaudy or bright, and will a complete overhaul be too expensive and time consuming? If so then you should think of buying a large rug, preferably in cream or gray, to cover the offending space.
However if your floor matches perfectly with the decor, try not to interrupt the flow of ‘space’ by chucking in a rug.

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