Important Resources In SG Real Estate

SG Real EstateSG real estate requires some very important resources in order for agents to be able to offer clients quality services and advice when making investment decisions in the property markets. A network of the different real estate agencies in real estate who share a common pool of information guarantees a flow of quality and very useful information about the property markets.  This information can be used by all agents when addressing their clients. The SG real estate network has the following resources to work with for better efficiency, productivity and higher levels of transparency.

  • Validated listings refer to properties that have been certified to be in the market and meet the CEA regulations. In some cases, there are usually duplicate listings in the classified and market exercises that clients cannot rely upon as useful information on the current properties on the market. With validated listings, every verified property in the real estate will be listed in the network with adequate information about the property. This reliable information will be used by the agents in the real estate network to provide the best services to their clients. It is also important to know that most exclusive listings usually take place between trusted parties in the real estate network; therefore it is advisable for a client to use the services of a real estate agent in such a network as such listings may not be available in the public domain.


  • Agents in the network are able to analyse the SG real estate market through comparable listings. Comparable listings refer to a generated list of various properties on the property markets. Properties can be compared on the basis of location, size, price and age among other criteria. Comparable listings allow the agents to analyse the market and be able to offer their clients quality options in real estate.


  • Another important tool is listing segmentation. This allows agents to categorise various properties in the SG real estate based on various criteria. When analysing the market through segmentation, the agent will be able to better place clients into categories of housing that fits into their desired requirements and most importantly, financial budget. The various categories can be based on price, location, size and age of the property.


  • Just like all other market commodities, the real estate market is very fluid and there is a constant coming and going of properties on the markets. The listing alerts are important notifications that inform agents of the latest listings before they are snatched up by other buyers. There are some exclusive properties with desirable characteristics that are hard to come by. With the listings, agents can offer information to their clients as soon as possible before such valuable properties are off the market again.


The various resources used in SG real estate allow a high level of productivity and efficiency in the property markets. Find out about other available resources at

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