Cottages: The Place for the Troubled Mind

CottagesFrom time to time, people come to realize the need for a break from their hectic lives and take a breath to admire the beauty of nature or spend time with a loved one. Cottages come up softly to such occasions and provide the perfect symphony of peace and pleasure. Though originally cottages meant the dwelling of a cotter or a peasant, they have evolved into a much more elaborate meaning now.

Cottages may have different meanings like they may be cottage hotels, cottages which are like summer homes for people, then ones which are actually located in rural countryside. The type of dwellings which look like cottages located in cities are also becoming popular and are called as mock cottages. They are generally surrounded by forests or vegetation, lakes, mountains, a countryside etc. The beach side cottages are also called as shacks and have gained popularity greatly in tropical regions.

These cottages make sure the resident lives in as soothing ambience as possible. They consist of gardens, generally dim lighting, a fireplace, etc. These are not places of luxury and provide only basic amenities of survival. Depending on the type of construction and their surroundings there are various cottages like Palma cottages, prairie cottages, raised, tidewater, two bay, etc.

As man is becoming busier and busier in his day to day life, a general realization for a change in routine has come which has encouraged the growth of cottages. They are generally located in quiet areas with least of disturbances and they tend to form a connection with nature away from the city lights. So next time you feel stressed out or a need to rejuvenate yourself, pack your bags with your loved ones and go to that quite cottage by the riverside. They will definitely manage to throw some magic spell.

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