Lodging and sports – a winning combination

by | Oct 20, 2011 | Lodge

LodgingHave you scoffed when you heard that cricket may unite the two sparring nations of India and Pakistan? Probably yes, but if we see the craze and passion surrounding the sport in these two countries, it makes a lot of sense. Apart from building bridges, sports are the best route to boosting tourism.

Why will this work?
Lodging and boarding gets a whole new meaning during different sports tournaments. People pour in from different nations and across different age groups to take part in the grand carnival called sports. This consequently implies that the lodging sales in most of the cities sees a steep rise. For example, during the ICC cricket world cup in India, matches were played in more than 10 cities all over the country. This meant that different lodging houses and hotels in each of these 10 cities were saw a sea of visitors pouring in.
Lodging homes and hotels can effectively promote themselves during a sports tournaments. You suddenly see discounts being offered at the drop of a hat and extra provisions being implemented at every lodging and boarding facility. Fans are treated as celebrities for they bring in the business and that is another aspect where sports and tourism and thus lodging score heavily.
If this was the case for a cricket tournament, lodging during Olympics and the tourists they shall bring, shall seem like Christmas and New Year coming in early for all hotel owners.

Bring back the games

Now, you know what to do if you need to see people coming in in large numbers and take up Lodging in your hotel. Get the authorities to set up sports tournaments every once a month and your wish shall be fulfilled. The fans shall have their hearts full cheering on their favourite game and you shall have your lodges/hotels full. lodging and sports, a wining combination, definitely.